Useful Information


All visitors must hold a passport or a valid travel document for travel to Macao.

All visitors are required to have a visa except nationals of countries which are exempted from a visa or entry permit. For more information on “Visa” and “Entry Permit” Exemption, please visit the website of the Macao Immigration Services of Public Security Police Force:

A Macao visa can be obtained through the Embassies/Consulates of the PRC and should be used within its validity. Visitors may also apply for an entry permit or visa upon arrival at the immigration checkpoint. However, visitors from certain countries are required to obtain a visa in advance before their trip to Macao. For more information, please visit the website:

There are three types of entry permit (i.e. Visa-upon-arrival) :

  • Individual - MOP$100 (MOP$50 for children under the age of 12)
  • Family Passport - MOP$200
  • Group - MOP$50 per person for groups of at least 10 people organized by a single travel manager and presenting a collective travel document

The above information is for reference only. For further information on entry formalities, please contact the Macao Immigration Services of Public Security Police Force at Tel: (Macao area code) +853 2872 5488 or email:, or visit their website:

Getting to Macao

Visitors can travel to Macao by land, sea and air. You may take a direct or connecting flight to Macao International Airport or transfer to other city route. Land crossings from Mainland China are made through the Border Gate on Macao Peninsula and the Lotus Bridge in Cotai.

Macao International Airport is strategically located in Taipa near various ports and convenient transportation routes. The airport is well served by air-conditioned taxis, public buses and hotel shuttle buses.


  1. Airport Ferry → Macao

    For details, please refer to ‘By Sea’, Option 1.

  2. City Ferry → Macao

    Step 1: HK International Airport → HK-Macao Ferry Terminal (Shun Tak Centre, Hong Kong)

    Step 2: HK-Macao Ferry Terminal → Macao

    From Hong Kong-Macao Ferry Terminal (Shun Tak Centre, Hong Kong) to Macao, please refer to ‘By Sea’, Option 2.


  1. Hong Kong International Airport → Macao

    An airport ferry service is available for passengers travelling to Macao (Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal or Taipa Ferry Terminal) via Hong Kong International Airport. Passengers can arrive in or depart from Macao via Hong Kong International Airport as a transit stop without having to pass through Hong Kong Customs and Immigration formalities and also without the inconvenience of carrying their luggage to the Ferry Terminal. The ferry trip from Hong Kong International Airport to Macao takes approximately 70 minutes.

  2. Hong Kong-Macao Ferry Terminal (Shun Tak Centre, Hong Kong) → Macao

    Ferry service between Hong Kong (Hong Kong - Macao Ferry Terminal) and Macao (Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal or Taipa Ferry Terminal) is approximately 1 hour.


Gateways available from Mainland China to Macao by land:

  1. The Border Gate
    • Opening hours: 6:00am to 1:00am
  2. COTAI Frontier Post
    • Opening hours: 24 hours

To the Venue

Hotel Address

Grand Hyatt Macau
City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai
Macau SAR, China
Tel: +853 8868 1234
  • Taxis are readily available at the entrance of our hotel Grand Hyatt Macao, 24 hours a day.
  • The taxis in Macao is black with a cream roof. The flag-fall charge is MOP19.00 for the first 1600 metres, with MOP2.00 added every 240 metres thereafter. There is a MOP3.00 surcharge for each item of luggage carried in the boot.
  • There is a MOP5.00 surcharge for boarding a taxi at Macao International Airport or journeys from Macao to Coloane. From Taipa to Coloane, a MOP2.00 surcharge applies, while there is no surcharge from Macao to Taipa or from the islands to Macao.
Shuttle Services
A City of Dreams complimentary shuttle service is available to chauffeur hotel guests to all the territory’s major transport terminals, as well as the city center. For details, please visit the hotel website:


The Pataca (MOP) is divided into 100 avos and it is Macao's official currency. There are banknotes and coins in the following denominations:

  • Coins: 10, 20 and 50 avos; 1, 2, 5 and 10 Patacas.
  • Banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Patacas.

By the decision of the Government the Pataca is linked to the Hong Kong dollar (HKD). The exchange rate is MOP103.20 = HKD100.00. There is an acceptable variation up to 10%. Roughly 8 Patacas is equivalent to 1 US Dollar.

Foreign currency can be changed in hotels, banks and authorised exchange dealers located all around the city. If the visitor needs to change money outside the usual banking hours, there are 24 hours exchange counters operating in the Macao International Airport (Taipa Island) and in the Lisboa Hotel (Macao). Banks open normally from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Most credit cards are accepted in many hotels, shops and restaurants.

According to the provisions of the Law, passengers arriving at Macao carrying cash or CBNIs, such as traveller's cheques, cheques, bills of exchange, money orders and promissory notes, with value of or exceeding MOP 120,000.00, should use the Red Channel with a completed declaration form and make a declaration to the Customs officer. Passengers leaving Macao need to disclose truthfully the amount of cash or CBNIs carried when asked by a Customs officer, or they shall be liable to a fine of MOP 1,000.00 to MOP 500,000.00. Travelers who have a layover in Macao SAR and transit to another destination have no obligation of declaration. For more details, please visit the Macao Customs Service's website: .

Language & Time Zone

Macao's official languages are Chinese (Cantonese) and Portuguese. Macao still retains its own dialect of Portuguese, called Macanese Portuguese. Other languages, such as Mandarin and English are spoken by local communities.

Time zone in Macao is UTC/GMT +8 hours.

Climate & Clothing

Located in the subtropical climate zone, Macao has moderate climate conditions throughout the year. Annual average temperature is about 23ºC (73ºF) and ranges from 20ºC (68ºF) to 26ºC (79ºF). Humidity levels are high in the city, where the average annual relative humidity tops 79%. The average annual rainfall measures about 2,058 mm in Macao, with the rainy season falling between May and September every year. The Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau will issue a rainstorm warning when the amount of precipitation over Macao is expected to reach about 50 mm in the next two hours.

October to December is the most pleasant season to visit Macao, when visitors can enjoy warm autumn days with low humidity. January, February and March are the winter months with relatively cold but sunny weather, when it slowly gets warm again in April. From May to September, the weather becomes hot and humid with more rainy days and occasional tropical storms (known as typhoons). The level of typhoon warning signals depends on the intensity and proximity of a typhoon to Macao. When signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, the cross-sea bridges will be closed for safety reasons including Governador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge, Friendship Bridge, the upper deck of Sai Van Bridge and Lotus Bridge; as an immediate measure, the enclosed lower deck of Sai Van Bridge will be opened provisionally for light automobiles to commute between Macao and Taipa. Outbound ferries and flights from the city will also be delayed or cancelled.

In summer, visitors are advised to wear light cotton clothes for a pleasant journey in Macao; while woolens are recommended along with a thick jacket or an overcoat to keep warm during winter. It is great to bring along cardigans or sweaters in spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November) as nights are cooler during the two seasons.

For more information please visit website of the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau's website:

Water & Electricity

Macao's water is supplied directly from Mainland China and is purified. Chlorine is added for extra protection. Distilled drinking water is supplied in all hotel rooms and in restaurants.

Electricity in Macao is at 230V, 50Hz. The power plugs used in Macao are of the three-pin, square-shaped or round-shaped type. It is suggested to check before using an electrical appliance.

Healthcare & Hospitals

Visitors are not required to produce any health certificates in Macao except under special circumstances occurring in the territory or surrounding regions. Visitors may visit any hospital in Macao should they need medical treatment or consultation. You may seek assistance from the following hospitals in Macao:

  • Hospital Centre S. Januário (Government)
    Address: Estrada do Visconde de S. Januário
    Enquiries: +853 2831 3731
    (Provides 24-hour emergency services)
  • Island Emergency Station of Hospital Centre S. Januário (Government)
    Address: Block H (next to University Hospital), Macau University of Science and Technology, Avenida Wai Long, Taipa
    Enquiries: +853 2899 2230
    (Provides 24-hour emergency services)
  • Kiang Wu Hospital (Private)
    Address: Estrada Coelho do Amaral
    Enquiries: +853 2837 1333
    (Provides 24-hour emergency services)
  • University Hospital (Private)
    Address: Block H, Macau University of Science and Technology, Avenida Wai Long, Taipa
    Enquiries: +853 2882 1838


Internet Services

Macao is one of the most ‘connected’ cities in the world. Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau has been liaising with local organizations to offer free Wi-Fi services at different locations in Macao under a unified brand name “FreeWiFi.MO”. Now citizens and visitors can connect to a hotspot with Wi-Fi network name containing the word "FreeWiFi.MO" to enjoy free Wi-Fi service. For more service information or to find free Wi-Fi hotspots, please visit

Telephone Service

Country code for Macao is 853 and outgoing international code is 00.

Communication in Macao is convenient, with the telecommunications network covering the whole city. Public phones are located around the city, with local calls costing MOP1.00 per 5 minutes; the IDD direct-dial international telephone service connects to over 100 countries and territories around the world.

The Tourism Hotline on +853 2833 3000 provides comprehensive information about restaurants, hotels, sightseeing and tourist spots, museums, entertainment, shopping, transportation, etc.

If you would like to use your mobile phone while in Macao, please contact the information services below:

  • 1000 - CTM
  • 1118 - Hutchison Telecom
  • 1628 - SmarTone Mobile Communications (Macau) Ltd.
  • 1888 - China Telecom (Macau) Co., Ltd.
Postal Services

Postal services are comprehensive in Macao. The General Post Office is located in Senado Square, while postal branches can be found throughout the Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane. Services include letter post, parcel and express mail service (EMS) to almost anywhere in the world.

Opening hours of General Post Office:

  • 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Mondays - Fridays)
  • 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (Saturdays)

For more information, please contact +853 2832 3666 or visit:


For sightseeing information, please visit Macao Government Tourism Office website: